¿Cómo Es Pasado Mañana?

¿Cómo es pasado mañana? is a book which delves into the future of Spain over the next 30 years. What the author, Jorge Fuentes Llorente, has done is take a deep and detailed look at what the economy, society, and environment are expected to look like in the future, based on the present. Through detailed research, he paints a picture of how the future could turn out and offers advice on how to shape it for the benefit of all.

¿Cómo Es Pasado Mañana?

¿Cómo es pasado mañana?: Exploring the Potentials of a Preview to Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

What can be accomplished if we could see a preview to tomorrow’s tomorrow? ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? offers us a glimpse at just that. By combining qualitative research with analytical insights and storytelling, this research project brings together futuristic scenarios that we can all relate to in the present. While it opens up a world of possibilities, it also challenges us to think about the impact of our decisions today.

There are many potential applications for this research. It can be used to develop a better understanding of changing conditions and the far-reaching consequences of our decisions today. It can also lay the groundwork for a more agile mindset, where decision-makers can stay one step ahead of market developments. Additionally, ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? enables stakeholders to design and implement innovative products and services to meet emerging demands.

Key Benefits

  • Get Insightful and Actionable Knowledge: By taking a more sensitive approach to topic research, ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? can provide organizations with more nuanced and in-depth insights than traditional market research.
  • Stay Ahead of Market Developments: By offering the latest information about emerging trends, this research can help to ensure that organizations remain competitive and agile.
  • Design Innovative Solutions: With knowledge of upcoming changes, it’s easier to come up with creative solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

In a world that is always changing, it’s crucial that we stay one step ahead. ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? allows us to do just that. By representing a preview to tomorrow’s tomorrow, it provides organizations with an invaluable opportunity to shape their futures.

¿Cómo es pasado mañana?

Imagining the future of our world is a task that has intrigued us since the dawn of human civilization. With the rise of technology, science, and other disciplines, there is no limitation to what we can explore and understand. ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? is a unique opportunity to investigate the possibilities of the future. It offers a vivid glimpse into potential advances and achievements. Broken down into three main areas of exploration – energy, community, and environment – ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? is dedicated to pushing boundaries and uncovering the secrets of futuristic progress.

From energy sources that are clean and sustainable, to innovative strategies for considering the state of the environment, ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? seeks to redefine our relationships with the natural world. We will learn about connected communities that use empowered individuals to create holistic solutions to complex problems. We will delve into groundbreaking research into augmented reality, communication technology, and human-machine collaboration. With ¿Cómo es pasado mañana?, the possibilities are limitless.


The energy sector is in a period of dramatic change. ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? investigates alternative power sources that allow us to utilize natural resources in the most efficient manner. This includes sources such as solar energy, wind power, hydrogen, and thermal energy. We will consider the potential implications of a widespread move to renewable energy sources, and how this could transform global energy production.


The importance of community in creating a more equitable and sustainable future should not be underestimated. ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? considers the ways in which technology and connectedness can be used to foster communities. We will explore the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in developing innovative solutions to urban problems. Additionally, we’ll look into the role of creative design and public engagement in creating resilient, prosperous urban and rural communities.


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our age. ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? looks into ways in which global society could mitigate climate change, and how the environment can be used as a tool for resilience and adaptation. We’ll explore cutting-edge technology for environmental monitoring, new data analysis techniques, and climate-smart initiatives.

The future is an ever-evolving landscape, filled with wonder and mystery. Unveiling its potential is an exciting task, and ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? provides a platform for considering the possibilities of the future. By exploring the possibilities of energy, community, and environment, we can make strides towards a brighter, safer future. Don’t miss your chance to discover the secrets of the future; join ¿Cómo es pasado mañana? today!

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