KSI vs Joe Fournier Live: Main Event of Misfits 007

The world of sports has been buzzing with excitement as one of the most awaited boxing matches between KSI vs Joe Fournier finally gets underway. Fans and enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the showdown between these two renowned fighters, each with their own unique style and set of skills. With the stage set for an unforgettable night of boxing, the question on everyone’s mind is, who will come out on top? The anticipation is palpable, and the stakes are high as both KSI and Joe Fournier get ready to rumble in the ring. So fasten your seatbelts, grab your popcorn and soda, and get ready to witness an epic battle between two titans.

1. KSI vs Joe Fournier Live: Main Event of Misfits 007

The-awaited boxing bout between KSI and Joe Fournier is finally here as they square off at the Misfits 007 event. KSI previously defeated FaZe Temper in January and is now gearing up for his toughest challenge yet against Fournier, who boasts a 9-0 undefeated record as a professional boxer. The fight promises to be a thrilling encounter, and fans can catch live text commentary on DAZN from 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. EDT. The event is available on DAZN PPV markets worldwide, with prices ranging from $19.99 in the US to AUD $14.99 in Australia. In addition to the main event, fans can also enjoy other exciting fights such as Deji vs. Swarmz and Taylor vs. Salt Papi. The atmosphere at the event has been electric, with ringside brawls involving Tommy Fury and Idris Virgo creating additional excitement. The previous fights have been intense, with highlights including Paigey Cakey’s unanimous decision win and Viruzz’s quick KO against DK Money. As the main event approaches, anticipation and excitement continue to build as fans eagerly await the outcome of what is sure to be a memorable fight between KSI and Fournier. [1][2]

2. KSI Eyes Money-Spinning Meeting with Jake Paul or Tommy Fury

K, the popular sensation and music star, recently took the latest steps in his boxing career against Joe Fournier at Misfits 007, a professional fighter who had retired some years ago. A win would be huge for KSI as he eyes a money-spinning meeting with either Jake Paul or Tommy Fury. Although the match against Fournier wasn’t a foregone conclusion, KSI called out Jake Paul and then if he doesn’t want it, Tommy Fury. If and when KSI and Jake Paul decide to face each other, the fight has the potential to do monster pay-per-view numbers that could in essence break boxing. Two YouTubers squaring off in a boxing ring could pull in a significant amount of PPV buys primarily off of their respective social media followings, perhaps it is time to rethink how promoters put their cards together. The key to this is marketing, something this generation of social media influencers has in spades over their professional boxing counterparts. Jake Paul and KSI know how to sell themselves and could teach the next crop of boxing stars how to balance their boxing career with establishing a presence on social media. If KSI vs Jake Paul or Tommy Fury does happen, it could be the best and worst thing to happen to boxing as the interest in crossover boxing continues to be a decisive format of the sport. [3][4]

3. Deji vs Swarmz Heats Up Chief Support

In KSI vs Joe Fournier boxing match, there was a highly anticipated chief support between Deji and Swarmz. Throughout the build-up, tension had mounted between the two fighters, and fans were eager to see them in the ring. Deji had been stopped in a farcical bout against Floyd Mayweather in November but was still riding high after claiming his first-ever boxing win against Fousey in August. However, he had not been successful in his three previous bouts. KSI believed that Deji was the more naturally talented fighter but said it all depended on how much work he had put into it. Swarmz was equally confident following his win over Ryan Taylor, but he had been embarrassed by KSI in his fight before. In the end, the fight turned out to be a show, with both fighters displaying their skills and putting on a great performance. Despite the heated build-up, there were no brawls, and the fight ended without incident. The KSI vs Joe Fournier boxing match may have been the main event, but the Deji vs Swarmz fight was definitely a crowd pleaser as well. [5][6]

4. Chaos Erupts in the Crowds at Wembley Arena

Ch erupted in the crowds at Wembley Arena during the KSI vs Joe Fournier live boxing match. The event was filled with excitement and anticipation as fans eagerly awaited the main event. However, as the undercard fights were taking place, tensions rose among the spectators. Tommy Fury was seen squaring up to Idris Virgo, and a scuffle broke out in the crowd. Despite attempts to calm the situation, the atmosphere remained tense and unruly. The main event saw KSI taking on Joe Fournier in a highly anticipated match. KSI, a sensation and music star, was hoping to win and progress towards a potential meeting with either Jake Paul or Tommy Fury. In the end, KSI emerged victorious. However, the undercard fights were equally engaging and attracted fans’ attention. Salt Papi, one of the rising stars, was also in action on the undercard, but was unable to lift the crowd the way KSI did. Overall, the event was a success, though the chaos in the crowd left some fans feeling uneasy. Nevertheless, the fights were exciting and provided fans with plenty of action and entertainment. [7][8]

5. Anthony Taylor Beats Salt Papi in Unanimous Decision

In the highly anticipated Misfits Boxing 7 event streamed live on DAZN pay-per-view from Wembley Arena, London, Anthony Taylor emerged victorious popular social media boxer, Salt Papi in a unanimous decision. Taylor’s veteran experience and effective clinch work proved too much for Salt Papi, who struggled to find his spacing and was limited throughout the fight. In the first round, Salt Papi landed solid counter shots on Taylor, but the American veteran was quick to respond with heavier shots. In the second round, Taylor set up his overhand with a stiff jab to the body, making Salt Papi susceptible to counters. By the third round, Taylor’s intensity and unorthodox shots proved too much for Salt Papi, who ate multiple awkward punches. Salt Papi’s first loss in the boxing ring revealed that there is still much work to be done, despite building significant hype. Although the defeat was a setback for Salt Papi, it is not the end of his boxing journey, and he will undoubtedly return to the drawing board to prepare for future fights. Overall, it was a thrilling match, with Anthony Taylor putting on a dominant performance, much to the disappointment of Salt Papi fans. [9][10]

6. Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor: Round by Round Analysis

In KSI vs Joe Fournier boxing event, one of the matches that took place was between Salt Papi and Anthony Taylor. The fight was scheduled for three rounds, and Taylor came out victorious via unanimous decision with the judges scoring it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28. Salt Papi tried his best to showcase his skills, but it seemed like Taylor was a step ahead with his quick and accurate punches. In the first round, Taylor landed a big right hand, but Salt Papi managed to stay on his feet despite being stunned. Taylor dominated the second round by closing the distance and working on the inside. In the final round, Salt Papi desperately tried to mount a comeback, but Taylor was too good at evading his punches. In the end, Taylor’s experience and technique proved too much for Salt Papi. Despite the loss, Salt Papi is still a fan favorite, and the crowd went crazy during his performance. Overall, it was an entertaining match and a good start to the night’s events. [11][12]

7. Sidemen Contingency Grows as KSI’s Fight Approaches

As KSI’s highly anticipated fight against Joe Fournier approaches, the Sidemen contingency is growing. Members of the popular YouTube group, including Josh Zerkaa, Tobjizzle, and Calfreezy, were spotted ringside, adding to the excitement of the night. The OVO Arena in Wembley was filled with fans eagerly awaiting the action-packed event, which included undercard fights featuring influencer boxers and celebrities. Deji and Swarmz were in the chief support bout, and despite Deji’s previous losses, older brother KSI insists that he is the more naturally talented fighter. Anthony Taylor and Salt Papi also engaged in a thrilling match, with Taylor pulling off a remarkable win by unanimous decision. With the Sidemen in attendance, the Wembley Arena crowd was ready for KSI’s highly anticipated fight. As the main event approached, fans eagerly took their seats, waiting for the next chapter in KSI’s boxing journey to unfold. Will the internet sensation come out on top, or will Fournier prove to be a formidable opponent? The excitement in the arena was palpable as everyone eagerly awaited the start of the fight. [13][14]

8. Salt Papi Tipped to Rise to the Top of Influencer Boxing Ranks

Saltapi is one of the rising stars in the world of influencer boxing and many believe he has what it takes to reach the top of the ranks in the sport. His trademark left hand and southpaw stance have impressed fans and opponents alike in his three bouts to date. He has shown genuine ability and punch power, with his latest bout against outspoken opponent Anthony Taylor being touted as one of the fights of the night. While he may not have triumphed in that fight, many believe he has the potential to become a household name in the sport. Salt Papi’s popularity has only increased after an exciting performance in the ring, leading many fans to believe that he has what it takes to continue his winning streak and become one of the biggest names in influencer boxing. As he continues to carve out his path in the sport, it will be interesting to watch how he develops and whether he can indeed rise to the top of the ranks. [15][16]

9. Paigey Cakey Defeats Tennessee Thresh on Points

In one of the undercard fights of the KSI vs Joe Fournier Live Boxing event, Paigey Cakey defeated Tennessee Thresh on points. The judges ruled it as a unanimous decision, but the crowd did not seem to agree, as boos could be heard. Cakey started off slow but gradually gained momentum as the fight progressed. She eased through the opening round and ended the fight with much stronger punches in the final round. Thresh did land some nice straight punches in the second round but could not keep up the pace. In the end, Cakey’s busy work inside the ring secured her the victory. It was a hard-fought victory for Cakey, who showed excellent ring awareness and control. Though the crowd may have been disappointed with the outcome, Cakey’s win was a testament to her skills as a boxer. As the event heads towards the main event, the victory for the rapper will surely boost her confidence and could lead to bigger opportunities in the future. [17][18]

10. Fans Predict Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor to be Fight of the Night

Fans of the KSI vs Joe Fournier boxing event are predicting that Salt Papi’s fight against Anthony Taylor is going to be the standout performance of the night. Both fighters have been hyped up in the lead-up to the fight with Salt Papi becoming an increasingly popular name in the world of social media boxing. Taylor has shown himself to be outspoken and confident, with a promise to make Salt Papi’s unbeaten record a thing of the past. Fans are expecting an intense and exciting fight from these two competitors, with both boxers having impressive skills and power. This fight is one that many are looking forward to, and fans are anticipating that it’s going to be a close call. Salt Papi has been gaining a lot of attention on social media, and he has a loyal following of fans cheering him on. However, Taylor’s confidence and experience make him a formidable opponent. It’s impossible to predict the outcome of this fight, but one thing is for sure – fans are excited and eagerly awaiting what could be the fight of the night. [19][20]

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