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Paris, the city of love, famous for its romantic environment and breathtaking scenic beauty. It is not just the architecture or the fashion that makes Paris the most visited city in the world, but the people who populate it. From artists to fashion designers, chefs to architects, and from tourists to locals, Paris is incredibly diverse and intriguing. If you are wondering who is in Paris, then you are in the right place. Let’s dive into the cultural city and discover its vibrant residents.

The Origins of Who Was in Paris Question

The “Who Was in Paris?” question originated as a rhetorical question on social media, targeted towards non-POC. The answer to the question is the n-word, making reference to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s 2012 song “N****s In Paris.” The meme spread across various social media platforms, with users creating their own variations of the question and comically reacting to it. Its earliest known instance was uploaded on January 31st, 2020, and since then, the meme has gained significant popularity, with millions of views and likes.

The Niggas in Paris Song by Jay-Z and Kanye West

Hey, did you know that Niggas in Paris is a collaborative song by Jay-Z and Kanye West, released in 2011? It is from their album and features vocal samples from Baptizing Scene by Reverend W.A. Donaldson, an interpolation of Reverend Rich Butlers speech, and dialogue excerpts from the 2007 film “Blades of Glory.” The song was recorded at a hotel in Paris and inspired by their trip there for fashion shows. It won Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the Grammy Awards. The song has sold over 6.7 million digital units in the US and peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100.

Commercial Success of Niggas in Paris and Remixes

Niggas in Paris, a 2011 song by Jay-Z and Kanye West from their collaborative album, has achieved commercial success. It debuted at number 75 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number five. Outside of the US, it peaked within the top ten of the charts in the United Kingdom and has sold 6.7 million digital units in the US as of 2018. The song won Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Several remixes and freestyles have been made by various artists, including Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and T.I. The song’s production work by West has also received early acclaim from critics.

Inspiration and Recording of Niggas in Paris

1 Kanye West’s Travels
I was inspired to create Niggas in Paris after my travels in Europe. I am where art meets commercial. The sweet spot between the hood and Hollywood. When we were in Paris, dressing all crazy at fashion shows, we were listening to Jeezy. That’s what it is.

2. Recording Location
The song was recorded at a hotel in Paris, to tie in with the theme of the lyrics. Specifically, it was recorded at the five-star Hôtel Meurice in Paris.

3. Will Ferrell Dialogue Sample
The song features a sample of dialogue from Will Ferrell in the film Blades of Glory. The line ‘No one knows what it means but it’s provocative’ was Kanye’s idea to add to the song.

4. Hit-Boy’s Beat
Hit-Boy, who was signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label, provided the beat for the song. He had initially submitted other records to Jay and Ye that seemed to have greater potential, but they chose to run with Niggas in Paris instead.

Artwork and Cover of Niggas in Paris

The for “Niggas in Paris,” the second single from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s collaborative album, features the Eiffel Tower with a black background instead of the original blue. It was released on Virgil Abloh’s website and maintains the same three stripes of red, white, and blue as the album cover, resembling the French flag. Several alternative artworks and remixes/freestyles on the song were also released by various artists. The live performance of the song was recorded and featured in the music video that showcased footage of the duo’s concert and Parisian landmarks.

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Performances and Covers of Niggas in Paris

If you’re a fan of “Niggas in Paris,” you may be interested to know that the song has been covered and remixed by various artists. Meek Mill’s “Niggas in Compton” and Chris Brown’s “Taylors in Paris” are just a few examples. Some musicians have also performed the song live, such as American post-hardcore band, Sleeping with Sirens, and British rock band, Kasabian. Jay-Z and Kanye West themselves set a world record by performing the song 12 times in a row during a concert in Paris. The music video for the song featured concert footage and imagery of Paris landmarks. Niggas in Paris has been widely praised by critics and remains a popular track.

Music Video for Niggas in Paris and Awards

The music video for “Niggas in Paris,” directed by Kanye West, received universal acclaim for its use of fractals and split-screen editing techniques, as well as its psychedelic imagery and vivid depiction of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s stage performances. The video was nominated for Best Hip-Hop Video at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and won Best Video Award at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. The song itself won Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

Early Acclaim for Kanye West’s Production Work

Kanye West received early acclaim for his production work on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name.” This recognition helped establish West as a top producer in the industry, allowing him to expand his reach and work with other artists. His creativity and unique sound have led him to collaborate with a number of different producers, such as Mike Dean, Jon Brion, and No I.D., to name a few. West’s innovative production style and ability to push musical boundaries have been highly praised by critics and fans alike.

Critical Reception of Niggas in Paris

The song “Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z and Kanye West received universal acclaim from critics. Many praised the hard-hitting beat and catchy lyrics. Some critics also noted the unexpected samples and dialogue excerpts used in the song, such as the vocal sample from Reverend W.A. Donaldson and dialogue from the film Blades of Glory. Despite the controversy surrounding the use of the song title, it has proven to be a commercial success, peaking within the top five of the Billboard charts and selling over 6.7 million digital units in the United States alone. The song also won multiple awards, including Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

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