Who Voices Cid In Ffxvi?

Who voices CID in Ffxvi? Naoki Maeda is the voice actor behind the character CID in the popular Japanese role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI. CID acts as a humanitarian representative for the Kingsglaive, an organization of warriors working to protect the Kingdom of Lucis from the massive empire of Niflheim. Naoki Maeda is a well-known Japanese voice actor who has voiced characters in games such as Street Fighter IV: Ultra, Street Fighter V, Dynasty Warriors, and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. He has also voiced characters in the anime Durarara!! and Sword Art Online. Maeda is known for his ability to bring life to his characters through his wide range of emotions and expressions. His deep and powerful voice gives CID a commanding presence in Final Fantasy XVI.

Who Voices Cid In Ffxvi?

Who voices CID in Ffxvi?

CID, the enigmatic character from the popular role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI (FFXVI), has become an icon in the gaming community. However, his identity has remained a mystery – until now. Here, we uncover the voice artist behind the iconic character and the remarkable performance that brought him to life.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, JB Blanc is the talented voice behind CID. With a broad background in theater, JB has been in the entertainment industry since his teenage years. Joining FFXVI cast was definitely a dream come true for JB as he has always been a fan of the series. He was set to craft a captivating, unforgettable performance.

Utilizing his impressive range of emotions, JB Blanc captured all aspects of CID’s character. From a stoic master tactician to a jovial old timer, JB embodied this multifaceted character flawlessly. His accurate manipulation of pitch and intensity delivered an impactful performance that resonated with the audience. Not only did he become an integral part of the game, but his rendition of the character gained the attention and appreciation of the public.

By delving into his soulful voice, JB Blanc has brought the long wait of knowing CID’s voice artist to an end. It was a labor of love, and we are grateful his talent has been shared with the world in such an iconic fashion. From the heart and soul of a skillful voice artist came a memorable character that will be remembered for ages.

Who voices CID in Ffxvi?

CID, the beloved protagonist in the popular action role-playing game FFXVI, comes to life with the vocal chops of voice actor John Fallon. With their extraordinary range and vocal control, Fallon has made CID a distinguished and lovable character for players across the world. Fallon has a long history of lending his voice to characters in video games and movies, having previously worked on titles such as Fallout 4, Rogue One and much more.

Fallon’s stellar voiceover work has made CID an endearing fan-favorite; from powerful battle cries to humorous exchanges, Fallon’s creativity is on full display as CID comes alive. Achieve a grittier tone that matches the character’s rough exterior or a softer, thoughtful voice for heartfelt moments, Fallon is able by manipulating his vocal chops to produce distinct sounds for different emotions and scenes.

The skillful actor has honed years of experience to create the passionate and multi-dimensional CID. He is able to give this character a voice that both intrigues and fascinates players – no matter how many times they have heard it. Thanks to John Fallon, CID has been brought to life in a truly masterful way. From low, gruff tones and accents to high-pitched bellows and battles cries, the voice actor creates an immersive and unique experience that FFXVI fans will never forget.

Notable John Fallon Vocal Work:

  • Fallout 4 – Robert
  • Uncharted 4 – Kingman
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Imperial Communications
  • League of Legends: Mysteries of the Ursine – Tabor
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