Why My Ex Didn’T Unfollow Me?

People often ask themselves why their ex didn’t unfollow them after a breakup. This is a common question after a broken relationship and is sometimes a reflection of the emotional connection between the two people. Regardless of the specific situation, there are several possible reasons why an ex might choose not to unfollow you.

Why My Ex Didn'T Unfollow Me?

Why my ex didn’t Unfollow me?

The dissolution of a relationship can be an emotional time, and navigating the waters of post-relationship etiquette can be just as fraught. If you’ve been wondering why your ex hasn’t unfollowed you on social media yet, there could be several explanations. Humility, guilt, and even mixed emotions can come into play – after all, many people remain friends after the end of a relationship.


Once two people decide to part ways, no one wants to be seen as petty or spiteful. This can be especially true for someone that was broken up with, and much effort can go into showing your former partner that you can remain civil and take the high road. Plus, by staying followers of each other’s social media, it can be easier for them to continue to contribute in a positive way, e.g., commenting on posts, providing encouragement and cheering for accomplishments.


Rejection doesn’t feel great, especially if it takes the form of a breakup. Even if your former partner was the one to initiate it, they may still feel guilty. This could be a possible explanation as to why it hasn’t been a clean cut you simply follow each other anymore.

Mixed Emotions

Just because a relationship isn’t working for two people doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t shared some good memories together. People may consider unfollowing, yet end up staying out of a sense of nostalgia, or because making the move could be considered an act of hostility.

The reasons for why your ex hasn’t unfollowed you yet could be myriad, including any combination of these three. Ultimately, it’s up to you if and how you want to deal with the situation; the most important thing is to be respectful of your ex’s feelings. Keeping your social media interactions positive is the best way forward.

Why my ex didn’t unfollow me?

The fact that my ex didn’t unfollow me on social media is a perplexing phenomenon. There could be many reasons behind this, but the two primary ones are either that they are trying to stay connected or they still have feelings for me. It could be a mixture of both, which can be difficult to make sense of. Understanding what it means for our relationship can be a delicate process.

On one hand, an ex choosing not to unfollow us could be a sign that they still hope to stay in touch, even if it is in a strictly platonic way. This could mean that they feel comfortable enough with the idea of maintaining some sort of connection with us, even if it doesn’t involve regular conversations or spending time together. They want to be informed about our whereabouts and could even benefit from knowing how we are getting along.

On the other hand, it could also be a sign that they still have feelings for us, or at least a strong attachment to our relationship. This could be the result of them not wanting to fully let go of their history and struggles with us. They might want to keep a tab on us, hoping that there could be a chance for reconciliation down the line.

Whatever the underlying reasons behind an ex’s decision to not unfollow us may be, it’s important to take the time to uncover them and to assess what it means for our relationship. Knowing what our ex’s intention is will allow us to make an informed decision on how to move forward and act accordingly.

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